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Friday, January 25, 2013

Join Us at the International Conference for Sustainable Agriculture

We are drinking a lot of coffee around here as we busily prepare for the fast approaching ICSA. Each morning we gleefully check our email to see where our latest registrants call home- from Hawaii, California, Florida to Holland, India, New Zealand, and South Africa. Don't miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime to network with folks from around the world.  Find out more by reading our latest newsletter.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Next Revolution is Brown.

According to an article published today in Corn & Soybean Digest, the next revolution is brown, where you boost root and soil microorganism productivity.  According the story, soil microbes:
  • Increase soil water infiltration and storage
  • Increase carbon (organic matter)
  • Increase soil aggregate stability (gas exchange and water infiltration rates)
  • Provide better management and mediation of temperature and moisture extremes
  • read full article

And we say.....Exactly.  We say SumaGrow.

We believe that soil health if fundamental to profitable and sustainable agriculture and that is why we developed a technology that targets soil health.  The technology of SumaGrow is a microbial consortium of native soil microbes working from the ground up to increase yields, improve plant health and hardiness and reduce or eliminate fertilizer dependence.  Our technology has been tested in over 20 countries on countless crops, from cotton, corn and wheat to coffee, popcorn, and sugar cane, to prove and improve its abilities to improve soil health and crop performance.

Don't miss out!

Our 2012 field trial results from universities, specialized testing facilities and independent producers will be highlighted during the 2013 International Conference for Sustainable Agriculture on February 20 & 21 in Biloxi, MS.  The ICSA will address the challenges facing the future of agricultural production, offer reasonable and sustainable solutions, and provide a platform for networking with people from around the world.

For more information or to register, please visit or call us at 877-888-2744.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Read the latest article from the Corn and Soybean Digest that highlights the superior performance of products containing SumaGrow!

Bill Raben believes additional soybean yield gains will come with a willingness to think outside the box. The Ridgway, Ill., farmer says the SumaGrow technology was worth a look, especially if it could help rebuild soil productivity.

"One long-term possibility from the product's use may be a decrease in the amount of N needed in subsequent crops. If I can reduce my reliance on N and still increase yields, then I am all for it," he says. "That might require a change in the thought process for some. But we need to look outside the box to improve yields and build soils at the same time." more (Quoted from Corn & Soybean Digest)

Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 International Conference for Sustainable Agriculture

We are excited kick off  2013 with the International Conference for Sustainable Agriculture on February 20 & 21 on the beautiful coast of Biloxi, MS!

Only Two Weeks Left For Early Registration!

The 2013 ICSA will bring together the brightest minds in the national and international agricultural community and present groundbreaking research specific to the technology of SumaGrow and sustainable agricultural techniques.  Multiple breakout sessions will be held for our guests’ convenience to choose presentations specific to their needs and interests. These sessions will include presentations covering:

·         crop management techniques

·         recreational turf management

·         water protection and remediation

·         organic production

·         increasing the nutritional value in your crops

·         forage and hay production

·         protecting and maintaining your soil’s fertility

·         orchard and citrus crops

·          and much, much more.

You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to network with peers from around the world and develop relationships for a lifetime!  Learn from seasoned professionals in the scientific and agricultural community how to grow healthier crops while increasing soil health and fertility.


Friday, December 21, 2012

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

More Great Results From the Field!

SumaGrow Only
 These are new pictures from our sugarcane field trial in Cam Ranh, Vietnam.

Fertilizer Only
One field is fed SumaGrow only while the other field is fed NPK only. The email reads:

"Attached are the updated pictures from our sugarcane trial. The SumaGrown canes are now at least 50% taller than the NPKed canes and with healthier leaves despite being 2 weeks younger, on higher ground and in poorer soil. We are still about 2 months from harvesting."

 We will present the final results from this trial along with the results from over 100 national and international trials at the International Conference for Sustainable Agriculture on February 20 & 21 in Biloxi, MS.

Click Here for more information or to register.

Products containing SumaGrow can reduce or eliminate your need for expensive fertilizer inputs AND grow a higher quality crop! 

Visit  to see how it works!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wayne Goes to India!

Wayne Wade, President of Bio Soil Enhancers, Inc., hit the ground running last week when he arrived in India to visit the sites of field trials utilizing the technology of SumaGrow. 
"It has been incredibly busy and productive," Wayne said. "I don't think I've stayed in the same city or community more than one night."
Wayne has expressed his pleasure with the ongoing performance of SumaGrow in the crop trials and is looking forward to the final results. These trials include, but are not limited to, rice, wheat, peanuts, onions, pomegranates,watermelons, grapes, eggplants, potatoes, herbs and ornamentals. 
He has visited numerous rural communities and cities, including Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai, consulting with dignitaries, university officials, and local farmers to better understand their unique growing challenges and to explain how the technology of SumaGrow promotes higher yielding and healther crops.
Wayne has been featured in several Indian newspapers and was   especially honored when the rural community outside the city of Hyderabad held a parade in honor of his visit.

Wayne is grateful to the Indian community for their hospitality and kindness and looks forward to many return visits.

We, on the other hand, are eager for his return (back to work everyone:) and look forward to sharing with you more details from his eventful trip!